Wasteland – What Inspires schnittmuskel

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When I’m creating new designs for schnittmuskel, I’m building an imaginary world, a post-apocalyptic one, a Wasteland.

Wasteland is a world, which already forgot what destroyed it or what it once had been. Dark, misanthropic and hostile, but not without hope.

The people living in this post-apocalyptic wasteland are wearing alienated clothes made of things from forgotten times.

Dark, black, multi-layered, like the sentiment cocooning the scenario, like atomic fog.

Humans managed to adapt to these realities, as they always do. Always on the lookout for new possibilities to ensure their survival until the next day. Or the next week? No one is counting years anymore. They stopped a long time ago.

Priorities change. Clothing becomes crucial and indispensable, being part of the body. It offers shelter, warmth and a way to hide the innermost, yet manifesting.

There are no rules. No conventions formed of social pressure; clothing does not recognise genders anymore.

Every individual forms its own state: own laws, allies, borders, traditions and rites.


Wasteland – The Origin

To design a Wasteland, I’m mostly inspired by pictures of landscapes, moods, places, buildings and textures. Did I see this place, experienced it, made it up or just dreamed of it?

How did they come into existence, what formed them, what is or was their purpose, their value?

Sometimes I stumble upon lines in texts and books that set off an idea for my Wasteland. But never in movies.

Written words emerge into images, but movies are way too specific and direct.


Wasteland – The Statement as Fashion

Eventually, it’s all about capturing the feeling of this Wasteland. And to envelop therein, like in clothing.

  • The attire as carrier of a vibe, to cloak oneself in it for protection, for the real world as well.
  • Clothes that wrap us in a feeling, in which you like to stay or wander around.
  • Fashion that does not constrict but liberates. Carrying a feeling from the inside to the outside, feeling protected and blithe.

Wasteland is a challenge. Everything resembling strength turns into water in a desert.

Clothing becomes muscle.

It becomes a schnittmuskel (“incision muscle”).

It provides strength to its wearer always, unconditional, loyal.
Accessories turn into language. Symbols turn into identifying features. Soundless, meaningful, stylish and of strong character.

Wasteland brings individuality, not permitting mass production. We’re only manufacturing small series or one-of-a-kind pieces, unique as their wearers.

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