Earrings “deur”

• silver or gold color available
• unique design
• suitable for tunnels


Delivery Time: 3-4 Days after Receipt of Payment

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Earrings “deur”

beautiful ear jewelry, with unique light design

available in silver or gold

suitable for tunnels

length: 5cm



Material details:

color silver: brass, silver plated

color gold: brass

To protect your jewelry from the beginning, we recommend:
– not to wear jewelry while doing housework or gardening, while bathing or showering, while doing sports, visiting swimming pools or saunas
– avoid contact with cream, lotion, make-up, deodorant, hair spray, perfume, grease, oil or chemicals
– Do not rub, brush or polish the surface heavily, this will damage the surfaces and the coating.

How to clean your jewelry:
– light dirt can be removed with a silver polishing cloth or by gently rubbing with a soft sponge with dishwashing liquid ( please rinse thoroughly with plenty of water).
– Discolorations of silver-coated jewelry, can be best removed with a silver dip. Impurities dissolve in this way even in hard-to-reach places. The jewelry is swivelled in the liquid for a few seconds (no longer!). Use a soft sponge with dishwashing liquid to thoroughly remove the solution. Be careful not to rub too much! Rinse under running water and dry well

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