Black Oil Disaster Collar, Unisex

Material: 60% Silicone, 40% Linen


Delivery Time: 7 days


The Black Oil Disaster Collection

The fabrics of our Black Oil Disaster Collection are coated by hand with silicone, utterly unique and slightly varying with every garment.

Destroyed in a controlled way, open edges and fraying seams are as much part of our signature destroyed look, as the possibility that every piece changes with time and adjusts to its wearer.

Every item is one-of-a-kind and made in our workshop in Karlsruhe.




Black Oil Disaster Collar, Unisex

The collar is made of linen and hand-coated with silicone.

Wear the zipper in the middle of the front individually for every occasion: open or closed.

Lateral lacing enables a personalised regulation of the fit, adjusted to the body of the wearer.

Wear the shrug on your naked skin, on top of a t-shirt, shirt, or blouse.


We are happy to make the collar to measure, just drop us as message: Contact

Material: 60% Silicone, 40% Linen

Washing recommendation: 30 degree, delicate laundry with washing net.





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