Gothic Clothing – What’s Behind All This?

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Gothic is a lifestyle that’s more than wearing black gothic clothes or having a soft spot for elegant materials like satin, velvet and lace. The former youth subculture of Punk, that has its origins deep in the “Batcave” movement of the 80s, has grown to be its own culture with its own emerging sub-branches. The “Black Scene” (in German “Schwarze Szene” is an independent name) is multi-faceted and not nearly as dark, as common people might think. Contrary to mainstream opinions, Gothic is more like a philosophy to its members. And please be aware that the patronisingly so called “Grufites” (mocking German name for Goths, a pun relying on the stereotype of goth people hanging out at graveyards, “Gruft” meaning crypt) have only little in common with Satanism and desecration of graves.

What Gothic Fashion Really Is – Beyond The Black

The Gothic Style is much discussed and influenced by different eras, uniting plain basic elements and extravagant accessories. A Gothic fashion victim will always be eager to add a personal touch to its wardrobe, which is exceptional for his culture. It may occur that petticoat and crinoline are worn without a skirt at all or that lacy dresses are equipped with yet another lace edging. All that pleases is permitted. Even the changing of colour palette: besides the original black outfits there emerged some more colourful sub-scenes. Cyber Goths are specifically choosing a harsh contrast to the Goth darkness with their neon-coloured highlights. These are reflected by the hard light of clubs and adding an extra touch to the perfect appearance. The so called White Goths departed from the black path as well, creating a look of white purity. Whoever joins this sub-culture has to meticulously look out for matching pieces because only a few goth shops are selling these particular items. Nevertheless, no matter which sub-culture is chosen by the members of the goth scene, everyone wants so express herself or himself with their choice of clothes.

Gothic Fashion – Always Reinventing Itself

The longing for expressionism and the consciousness of a collective scene identity is inspiring the creativity of the Gothic scene in regards to fashion since its batcave beginnings. Starting with black beehive-hair, black leather jackets, a laissez faire attitude and dark make-up, the overall styling of the scene is always bringing up new facets of gothic fashion. Pioneering in that is always the own productivity and impact on the style of the scene. Only a few sub-cultures are able to nurse and display so many talented and productive ateliers and labels as the Gothic movement does. There’s barely a year without new start-ups. Schnittmuskel is such a project as well, embodying the current edgy look of the scene with its signature asynchronic cuts, destroyed look and the casual use of materials. Ranging from accessories featuring timeless animal-skull symbols to military clean chic trousers, this label offers exactly the Gothic Fashion that every sub-culture of the scene can use. It’s perferect to create all kinds of outfit without spending horrendous sums of money.

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