Feel the materials on your skin, experience schnittmuskel on your body.

Schnittmuskel On Tour

One of a kind products and unique pieces on site, everyone else will see them only afterwards.

Tattoo Convention, Frankfurt

12-14 April 2019

Plage Noire, Weissenhäuser Beach

3-4 May 2019

loft, Karlsruhe

24-26 May 2019

Wave Gothic Festival, Leipzig

7-10 June 2019

Amphi Festival, Cologne

19-21 July 2019

Mera Luna Festival, Hildesheim

9-11 August 2019

Bofewo, Wiesbaden

27-19 September 2019

Avantgardista, München

9 November 2019

Passion, Hamburg

15-17 November 2019

schnittmuskel, Denise Müller, Denise Löhe, schnittmuskel showroom

Avantgardista 2018

schnittmuskel featuring 8 fashionistas at the fashion show.

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