Band Outfit, Stage Clothing and Fashion for Musicians

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Wearing a harmonic and stylish outfit is not only of importance for festival visitors, scene members and fashion-conscious persons, but for bands as well.

However, most of the time it’s not easy to find the perfect band outfit. With the music as main focus for creativity and energy, the outfit is normally not playing a title role. Nevertheless, it is important, especially for the outer appearance. Not to forget that bands are often setting fashion trends with their clothes and performances.

So what to do if the next tour is just around the corner? Or if a video shooting is coming up and a suitable and expressive outfit is still missing?

Best to ask your favourite designer! Because when creativity meets creativity, it multiplies and the result is breath-taking.

Band Outfit Wanted? schnittmuskel Helps!

We’re receiving requests for band outfits from time to time and we’re always happy about it. More importantly, we then know what questions to ask so we’ll figure what will be the best match. We will develop a concept and generate the ideal pieces together with you.

It’s important to be aware of the outfit’s destined use: on stage, for a photo shooting, for a video clip filming or multifunctional.

We’re considering every band member individually because maybe the drummer does not feel comfortable with the muscle shirt which the singer just loves. And the guy playing the guitar needs more space for movement than the keyboard player, for example.

Our goal is to create a harmonious band outfit in which every member of the band feels comfortable and represented.

That being said, we successfully worked with bands and public persons as Blutengel, Pain, Eisfabrik, Lord of the Lost, Mark Benecke, Diorama and Diary of Dreams so far.

Band Outfit for the Stage

The so-called Stage Outfit is not only determined through its visual appearance, but we are making a point of its functionality and washability as well.

On stage, the musicians will rock and perform, so there will be a lot of sweat running down as well. Meaning that the outfit will be stuffed into the washing machine after every show.

You have to feel comfortable and be able to move around. Your outfit should not be in the way of you playing your instruments, on the contrary – we want to experience your music.

Our designer Denise Müller is trained as make-up artist and costume preparator and knows her way around stage outfits. Due to her engagements on theatres, she has some tricks and gimmicks up her sleeve to ensure that the outfits are perfect for your stage appearance.

Band Outfit for Filming Session and Photo Shooting

For photo and movie shootings, the outfit can be a bit more experimental as for stage gigs.

Especially with photo shootings, it’s possible to add extravagant pieces into already existing stage outfits. They may be inadequate for gigs but perfect to symbolise key phrases of the song or album. They can help to set certain moods on pictures or show them as metaphor.

A creative cooperation between photographer, music and fashion may arise, depending on the photographer you choose and the statement you want to define. This process, turning your music into visuals, and supporting this with our fashion is like magic for us.

schnittmuskel accompanied several photo and video shootings so far, adjusting the band outfit on set so everything fits perfectly and the artist does not have to worry about it himself.

We do have a pool of unique pieces, prototypes or requisites, which we’re lending out for such projects. They’re perfect for eccentric or unusual eye catchers and a great match to spice up your basic or already existing band outfits.

Stage Outfit – For Whom?

schnittmuskel designs, puts your band outfits together and sews it.
If you like our dark avant-garde post-apocalyptic style, that is.

We’re open-minded and we’ll adapt our look for you. One example: We created a band outfit for the musicians of Eisfabrik in our signature style but completely in white colour. The band wears it for their live gigs, on their promotion pictures and in their music video of “Schneemann”. By the way, for this clip we even drafted the snowman together with Arthemis Wings.

For Chris Harms from Lord of the Lost we designed an outfit for a photo shooting with photographer Annie Bertram. Jacket, shirt with sculptural rib cage, cylinder and belt with buckle, everything is working together nicely. Have a look at the picture.

We’re not only outfitting bands or single musicians, but public figures as well. Mark Benecke likes to wear our Hangman’s Noose Tie as well as our Destroyed Jacket!

Peter from the band “pain” ordered a stage-suitable straightjacket, which we sewed in duplicate.

So please go ahead and drop us a message if we may help you with the realisation of your band outfit. We’re looking forward to it!

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