Alternative Style und Alternative Fashion

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Both terms, Alternative Style and Alternative Fashion, are being used rather inflationary by now. Big fashion chains already implemented them into their sales vocabulary. But that’s not the topic of this article!

Because alternative style is in fact describing continual fashion far away from the mainstream. It does not run after every taste of the masses. It makes a statement.

Alternative style stands for small series and unique pieces lovingly made by hand. Thousands of people wearing the same t-shirt or jacket is not really alternative style. Alternative fashion defines itself in terms of individuality and single pieces.

Alternative Style Against Trends

It’s a clear statement: alternative fashion means swimming against the stream. Alternative fashion implies the distinction from others. Not wanting to catch somebody’s fancy. Not only in differentiation towards other styles, but standing out within the own (gothic) scene as well.

You’re consciously deciding to wear fashion that fits you and your individuality. You want to present all your facets to your outside world. Boring ready-made off the shelf clothing is not your thing. You’re looking for the exceptional. You’re not sleek and conformed. You like to give offence from time to time and you want your style to represent your attitude. This position may be political, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s your decision to make.

Alternative Style Only For You

Your fashion fits you and nobody else. Your style is like your life story: unique and touched by no one else. You don’t want to look and be dressed like everybody, you want to be individual. All that can be showed by your own alternative fashion. We can ensure that you’ll receive one-of-a-kind pieces that nobody else wore before you.
Alternative means going against rules and conventions. Clothing with unique and unusual structures and alienated materials arouse sensations. Fashion trends come and go within a blink of an eye, but you are staying true to yourself.

Gothic Fashion and Punk Clothes

You like it dark and black? Our gothic fashion impresses with extraordinary cuts and special materials. We’re daring to use crooked patterns and we’re playing around with materials that have not been used in fashion. Besides t-shirts, trousers and hoodies, we’re offering unique destroyed-style jackets in our product range. What about gothic necklaces, arm pieces or jewellery? Or rather plain black functional jackets?

At schnittmuskel, no piece is like the other one. We’re offering our gothic fashion in several variations and you can choose how your unique piece should look like. Do you want to sport white crosses or a black lining? Maybe red stitching at the seams or blood splatters? We’re fulfilling every one of your dreams.

Is there a particular alternative style you’re envisioning? But you haven’t seen it in a shop so far? Or did you see some look in the past and want something alike? That’s no problem as well: Upon request we’re creating individual and eccentric outfits solely for you. Just drop us a message.

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