A Fashion Show for Gothic Clothing?

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Yes, there is such a thing. Namely at the Mera Luna Festival in Hildesheim!
This festival is taking place for the 17th time by now and all the 25.000 tickets are sold out. We think that this tells its own tale. And it shows that the visitors are not only attending to hear the music, but keen to see some fashion as well.

The Mera Luna Festival offers its guests not only great bands, but a superb fringe programme too.

For all Goths and guests into fashion, styling and dressing up: the fashion shows are obligatory! Labels from the scene are showing gothic fashion for the scene. You can collect inspirations, ideas for your next outfit and you can go shopping and meet the designers at the Gothic Fashion Town.


The fashion show for Gothic Fashion!

Is taking place on Saturday at 3.25pm and again at 5.40pm at the “Disco Hangar”.
Don’t miss out on it, because schnittmuskel is participating as well. At the runway we’re showing wearable gothic fashion in our signature post-apocalyptic style from our current collection, as well as pieces from future lines and exclusive one-of-a-kind-pieces.

Maybe you’ve already seen the video on Facebook, in which I’ll reveal some details about our post-apocalyptic main character. We’ll pair it with elements from martial arts and we came up with a fancy discount action.

So go on, be enchanted and fascinated by these fashion shows, be inspired and amazed by schnittmuskel and its post-apocalyptic look.


 All black fashion diversity earning a show for itself

Especially at a Gothic fashion show, it’s becoming evident that the subculture is wonderfully diverse: Multi-faceted dressing items, showcasing all shades of black.

The designers showing their trade are as versatile as the fashion they create.

From sexy-romantic with loads of lace to fetish-style, from corsets to casual looks, everything is on display, even accessories. Everybody will spot his or her favourite style.

We’re proud to rock the show with Louis Fleischauer from AMF Corsets, Claudine from Slacks Fashion, Vide Noire  and Nashimoron at this year’s Mera Luna Festival. Looking forward to share the stage with this colourful black fashion composition!

Mera Luna: all information (click here)

Watch the video of our fashion show!

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